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3 Things to Beautify your House

Pretty houses sell faster and for more money than ugly houses. That is a fact of life. So, in this video I am discussing 3 little things you can do to make your house look pretty. Even if you aren't moving these three things will help you feel much better at home and make all your friends jealous of your house. So in no particular order of importance here are the three simple things to beatify your home.

1- De- clutter: When someone goes to buy a house they want to picture themselves in that house. They don't want to feel like they are walking through someone else's home. So get rid of a bunch of stuff and then when you are done with that go through and get rid of a bunch more stuff. Simple is always better. When you do go to sell you even want to take down the personalized photos and memorabilia as much as possible.

2- Change the socket and light covers: Your grimy little hand have been touching those things and they look dirty and ugly. It's a small thing but can make a huge difference if yours are old and dated. You want people to walk through the house and not notice them.

3- Paint: Like make up on your girlfriend. It just makes them look better. Make your house look better with a coat of paint. It will still have the same personality and charm, but just look a bit nicer. Paint is easy and cheap and adds a lot to your house.

If you're buying or selling a house in Arizona give me a call, shoot me a message, or follow me on social media. 480-415-8219

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