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What is the MLS?

The MLS - Multiple Listing Service.

Nowadays you can find houses all over the place. Including the internet! So, with the addition of sites like or do you even need the MLS?

The simple answer is yes.

All of those big home searching sites are grabbing their info off of the MLS and using it as there own. A problem with that is that mean they are not always up to date and I've had a lot of people come in looking for a house that shows available online but has already been put under contract in the real world. Having your own access to the MLS gives you the most up to date and accurate information on home listings so you can shop for a home like the pros.

For a buyer access to the MLS allows you to get accurate information on homes as soon as it is available, and with many of these homes having multiple offers and closing in just days the sooner you can get the info the better!

For sellers putting your home on the MLS with a licensed agent is the best thing you can do to get the word out to the most amount of people and get your home sold.

If you are looking at real estate in Arizona give me a call, shoot me a message, or follow me on social media. 480-415-8219

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