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When does ownership of the house change?

This is all about closing day.

As a seller you have to be out when?

As a buyer when do you get the keys?

Okay, just taking down the sign today. Today is closing day. And I get the question a lot. "How do I know when the house is mine? When do we close?" The closing date is on the first of the month.

"When is it really mine?" Well, here's the thing. If you're the seller, you need to have all of your stuff out by that morning. Technically, the home could close a little bit later in the afternoon, and it's not officially closed until things have been fully funded and it has been recorded with the county. That's when the house is yours. And depending on how fast the county's acting that day, it could be in the afternoon, it could be first thing in the morning. But as a seller, you need to have your stuff out in the morning of the day of close. As a buyer, don't anticipate getting into the house until later in the afternoon.

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